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Is your company established in the Netherlands, but you work internationally? Below you will find a brief summary of our service offerings in English.

Personnel solutions of every kind that make employership easy and clear

Here at TOSS we make employership easy and straight-forward. Our dedicated team of specialists make sure that there is a personnel solution for every employer; small, large, just started or those that have been around for years. This means you have more time for what you really want to do, and we take care of everything regarding your employees.

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Payroll services

Payroll has everything to do with gaining flexibility in your work force and employment records. You take your employer obligations regarding your personnel out of your own hands and give them to TOSS.

TOSS executes the personnel- and salary administrations for you and is responsible for the legal and fiscal elements of the employership. The payroll employee is thereby on TOSS’s salary list. Through the payroll setup the employee is put to work for you, as the hirer.

Payroll comes in many shapes and sizes. Our advisors are here to make the right decisions about suitable personnel solutions. We are happy to have you as a client, but we want both parties to have the ‘happy’ feeling. Besides that, it cannot come as a disadvantage to the employee(s) in question.

In each kind there are different conditions, such as:

  • Termination;
  • Leave of absence;
  • Costs;
  • Duration of contracts.

There is no standard situation. That is why we do not use a standard fee calculation.

A payroll fee scale is based on several different components. The buildup differs from client to client. This is partly due to varying regulations for different industries/sectors from the CLAs and/or the Tax Authorities.

The solutions we offer are always personal and customized. That is why we do not give an average cost. We prefer not to run the risk of quoting you a higher price than what is necessary.

Outsourcing salary administration

The salary administration for your employees is an important albeit complicated process.

Besides finding the right employees, the company needs to be registered with the Tax Authorities and you have to compose the payslips correctly with the gross-net calculations. That takes a lot of time. By outsourcing that element, you have more available time for your enterprise.

Are the employees directly in service to you and are they being paid under your Wage Tax Number? Then you are responsible for them. The salary administration must comply with certain matters and in case of sickness you are liable. Continued payment of salary and support during their absence is a part of that.

Besides that, depending on the sector of work, there may be an applicable CLA. Often there are several employee advantages that you must offer your employees. Think of a pension plan or an employee insurance policy.

International coordination

Does your organization have branches overseas? Coordinating international salary administration takes a lot of time and there are often many manual procedures that come into play. TOSS has a large international network through which we can handle the salary administration across all countries via the online portal.

About TOSS

Our team is experienced, dedicated and helpful. With about 20 specialists we are ready for all your questions about CLAs, HR, law and legal matters. We have the necessary quality marks and certificates such as SNA and WKA in our pocket and we automate what we can so as to work as efficiently as possible.

We like clear language, short lines of communication, an assigned contact person and the guarantee that there will be an answer to your question before the end of the day. That is how we both keep our costs at a minimum!

Get in touch with our consultants and within a day you will receive a quote specified to the personnel solution for your organization. Our consultants speak English and can help you down to the finest detail!

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